Angelina Herbert is a French content creator. Creative, intuitive and caring, she grew up with two enthusiasts of reading, nature and travel.

During her studies in communication, she founded POSETAVALISE, a lifestyle webzine that allows her to share “moments of life”, but also to combine photography and writing. Three of her passions.

SEO SPECIALIST, EDITOR, TRAVEL AUTHOR AND STORYTELLER, she loves to tell stories and go in search of experiences and unusual destinations.

In 2022, she is co-writing a self-published book highlighting the singularities of Southern Italy, from Naples to Salerno (to be released in December).

portrait d'Angélina Herbert


Through her pictures, she wishes to remind us of the importance of appreciating the beauty in the everyday life. To feel emotions and to look at what surrounds us with a new prism. Her photographs have been used by several brands, including Cote Magazine, France 3, Flair.be, Grazia…