Angélina Herbert is a multidisciplinary creator. Intuitive and caring, she grew up with two enthusiasts of nature, architecture, reading and travel. Perhaps that’s why she loves learning, telling stories and creating.

SEO Specialist, Editor, Travel author and storyteller, she is also the founder of Posetavalise that she launched in parallel with her communication studies in 2015. A project that led her to create links and collaborate with several brands. Over the years, Angélina became convinced that she needed to go further. Posetavalise then becomes a media of inspiration that explores the slow living.

In 2023, Angélina Herbert created flolilege, a creative studio where she shares her taste for decoration and the design of patterns.

In her projects, she likes to mix authenticity, imperfect beauty, finesse and structure. Her goal? To remove the superfluous, return to more simplicity and evoke emotions.

portrait d'Angélina Herbert